An Educational Psychologist

Educational Assessments

Children are referred to Educational Psychologists for reasons relating to their:

  • Learning.
  • Emotional difficulties.
  • Social difficulties.
  • Behavioural difficulties.

The purpose of Educational Assessment by an Educational Psychologist is to explain what is leading to difficulties and to offer possible solutions. The process of assessment must begin with the gathering of as much evidence as possible and then interpreting the evidence in a way that provides a solution for the problem.

At the Oxford Educational Assessment Centre, the Educational Psychologist will:

  • Ask key questions in order to identify what the problem is and the way in which they can help; often an Educational Psychologist will be able to offer a unique perspective on the problem enabling them to reformulate the way in which the problem is perceived.
  • Utilise a range of tools and techniques, many of which are only available to certified Educational Psychologists. Examples include IQ tests, specialist questionnaires and check-lists to make as detailed and broad an assessment as possible about the child or young person and identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyse and measure the child or young person’s educational attainments including reading, spelling, writing and numeracy using sophisticated tests backed by extensive research, or assess their developmental progress at the pre-school stage by utilising their in-depth experience and specialist knowledge of child development.
  • Professionally and effectively consult the child or young person to ensure their views have been fully understood and documented in line with best practice.
  • Professionally analyse previous reports about the child or young person.
  • Document the parent(s)/carer(s)' views to ensure they are properly taken into account and any leads are expertly followed up.
  • Find out what is happening at school and make a comparative analysis using expert insight and acquired experience while also relating this to current Educational Law and best practice. 

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