Young girl with hearing aid


Oxford Educational Assessment Centre is for All children who may need help with any kind of learning difficulty. These may include, but importantly are not limited to children with:

  • Difficulties reading, writing or spelling (including children with dyslexia)
  • Difficulty coordinating action or planning (including children with dyspraxia or cerebral palsy)
  • Difficulty in learning or comprehending mathematics (including children with dyscalculia)
  • Issues arising from bullying.
  • Behavioural problems.
  • Sensory impairment.
  • Autism or displaying some degree of autistic behaviour.
  • Asperger's syndrome or those displaying behaviour associated with Asperger's.
  • Requirements for special provision arising because they are especially gifted or talented.
  • Issues needing special arrangements in relation to examinations.
  • Friendship and relationship problems.
  • Early years / pre-school concerns.
  • Moderate and severe learning difficulties.

Young girl with pencil thinking hardGirl being bullied by class mates